How Fact News Works

Fake news has become a widely used term in mainstream media but not many know what it actually is. What we call “fake news” today refers to stories that are entirely made up. There are 6 main types of fake news. The first way is impersonation. This is when someone attempts to impersonate a person or company that has credibility by copying their appearance with some minor details changed. This allows users to quickly look at the account and think it is the real person and think that they actually tweeted it. The next type is emotion which is when an account plays with people’s emotions like anger, fear, or empathy. The account usually plays on ideas that have already been backed by scientists and then flips it allowing people to get upset about it or back it up. The next type of fake news is polarization which is a deliberate attempt to separate the left and right of the political spectrum. Many new news websites use this to find where their niche is in the mainstream media. This area also covers false amplification where they amplify existing arguments between the two parties and make them look mare Important than they actually are. In this, they realize that the news doesn’t have to be completely fake. Conspiracy is another type of fake news. This is the belief of when an unexplainable event is conducted by a convent group. There are many good examples out there like Pizzagate, Area 51, and even the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Another form of fake news is discredit. This is when someone discredits someone’s information. When news sites are reported for fake news they deflect the attention away from them and attacks the organization that accused them. This can be a problem as it causes reliable news sources to become attacked and when this happens people don’t believe them for articles that they post in the future and even from the past. Trolling is another type and is used way too often nowadays. This is when people deliberately getting emotion from someone by using bait that they set up on social media. Disinformation is a problem because people don’t know where they are getting their information from and don’t know if it is reliable or not. There are multiple solutions to help combat disinformation. One way is to switch search engines. Google is trying to change its algorithm for searches to disincentivize fake news articles. The second solution is fact-checking tools. Articles that have been found unreliable are labeled. The biggest flaw in this is that limited sources lead to an implied truth effect. This is because not all news articles can be fact-checked.

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  1. Good work, Danny! Disinformation can be really damaging when people (citizen living their lives, politicians governing, or business people planning) make decisions based on it.

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