Final Assignment

There have been many active and critical reading techniques that you have taught that have become a large part of my approach to a new article. A major technique that I use is just simply annotating the articles as I read them. I used to only do it when it came to English articles but now, I find myself doing it with all articles whether it be biology related or environmentally related. Another technique I find myself using is defining the authors purpose of the article. I have found this to help and realize it does not have to only apply to opinion-based articles. This is especially helpful for scientific reports as you now know why they made this hypothesis and why they created and are testing this hypothesis. 

I have also faced many challenges in this course that I have created. Many of these challenges was me falling behind in the work. One way I got around this challenge is working extra hard on the next few assignments to better my grade after. Another way was I would make up the back work, so I did not have a zero in the grade book. Unfortunately, I could not do this every time especially with the switch from online classes. I found this switch extremely hard for me as there were a lot of tough time I had faced and could not see anyone during quarantine to help me destress. 

The most rewarding moment for me was finishing the first paper this semester. For me I found this topic to be difficult even though I am a fan of sports I didn’t know really what the school should do if students were to protest. I ended up asking some friends that played sports at UNE to get some advice on what the school should do to get some athletic knowledge. It was rewarding because I was very stressed about the topic and was very glad when I finally finished it. Although it wasn’t the best effort I could have put into a paper I was very proud of how I handled it. 

There are many things I will take away from this course. One of them is how to come at new and challenging text. I was never very good and understanding text even after I read it three or four times. The techniques you have given me now help me understand them in two read-throughs. Another thing I will take away from this course is how to study. I never knew how many ways there were to study, and I could never find the right strategy in high school. This made me never really studied in high school. The strategies you gave us to study helped me study for my chemistry final exam that I was very stressed over. I ended up getting a great grade on that exam and will continue to use those study strategies I used on that exam for future exams. 

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  1. Hi Danny,
    Thanks for this reflection. It’s good for me to hear about the course from your perspective, especially where you found your wins!

    I’m especially happy to hear that you’ve been applying annotation and the study strategies we worked on last semester to your work! Good luck on your exams!

    You might not know, but part of my job is to offer reading and writing support as a tutor in SASC. If you ever want help with a reading or project, look me up via email or Tutortrac, or visit SASC to book an appointment.

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